The Home Inspector Mentor

Pete Mizeres

Hi, my name is Pete Mizeres.  I started my home inspection business back in 2003 with no construction or trades knowledge, and zero real estate agent contacts.  Not very smart, right?  Fortunately I was able to build my fledgling business into a multi-inspector company which has allowed me to retire from inspecting in the field and run it from a different state with no admin help.  What’s even better, it takes up less than an hour of my time a day to do that.  I have trained 8 licensed home inspectors (2 are no longer with me) that knew nothing to very little about construction, the trades, or home inspecting when they hired on – and after one year they became licensed qualified inspectors who could generate referal business from agents that I’ve never met.

So we don’t advertise, visit Realtor offices, or pay for inspection leads.  I am the central scheduler and primary customer and Realtor contact, but I don’t answer the phone if some one calls to check pricing, availability or to schedule with us.  That’s because 9 out of 10 of our inspection jobs are either booked online or result from a text conversation between me and a buyer client or agent, and then I just enter the order on my smart phone or lap top and schedule the inspector.  With this system we grow on average 15% year over year (although growth is flat this year (2022) due to the FED driven mortgage rate increase).

I used to think that the only business I wanted to quote on was from Realtors or past client referals.  Indeed, I built my business in the early years based on forming long term Realtor relationships – which was hard work.  And Realtors are fickle – they will drop you in a minute if they think you mis-spoke to their client or mis-reported something.  Thats why as a home inspector you have to be continuously picking up new Realtor referal sources.  And the internet is the easiest and best way I know to do it.

I have followed a simple formula that anyone can follow for success in this field:

1.) develop a best in class on-site inspection, communication, and reporting process, 

2.) automate your pricing, availability, and scheduling system, 

3.) matriculate to and stay in the top 3 spots of Google My Business (formerly Google Maps) in your market and turn those new Realtors you meet during the inspection from Google search clients into new referal sources by virtue of them experiencing your best in class on site inspecting, communicating, and reporting process. 

If you need help in any of these areas send me an email at and I will be happy to set up a call with you to discuss things you can do to improve – and I don’t charge for this – I’m happy to help.  You can reach out to me as many times as you want – it doesn’t matter to me.

However, If you need someone to build or re-do your web site and perform your local SEO to get you more calls from internet searches – that is where I can also help, but I charge for those services.  My price is half of what the general web building and SEO industry charges plus I offer free consulting on any home inspection business related topic for all of my clients.  You can’t get that from the SEO companies – plus they don’t know our business and most of their work is outsourced to countries where English is a secondary language anyways – which is a problem if you want your Google My Business posted Updates and Questions Asked and blog posts for your web site to actually be coherent.

Whether you are thinking of getting started, just getting started, just got started, can’t get enough clients, have been operating for awhile but want more business, are too busy as a one man show and need to hire your first inspector, or your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th – I can help – because I’ve been there.

Why Hire Me For Your SEO?

So don’t just take my word for it – Google search “Cleveland Ohio home inspectors” and see where my home inspection business, Detailed Home Inspections, comes up in the search rankings. I developed my current web site design and appearance, write my own blogs, run my own social media, and perform my own local SEO.  The result is 15%-20% of our business comes from Google searches because of our ranking and reviews (which are requested automatically ofcourse) – and during those Google inspections, we meet new Realtors who then tend to refer us to even more clients.  And thats how we grow, and how you can too!

Contact me at or text 440 724 3198 for more infomation, questions, or advice.

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